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Um - How Thick Does My Plastic Packaging Need to Be?

We measure the thickness/gauge of plastics in micrometres (or microns) and its symbol is μm. Choosing the correct gauge for your packaging is an important step in the process. Too thin can result in damage to your product. Too thick and your product will not be displayed to its full potential.

Meridian Plastics understand you take pride and care that your product meets a particular standard. Let our experts guide you on the most suitable packaging for your needs ensuring your product has adequate and appropriate protection, without compromising on display.

We measure the thickness of plastics in micrometres (or microns). A micron is equal to 0.001mm and its symbol is μm. When selecting the right packaging for your product, the look and feel is of course important however, it is equally important to choose the correct thickness for the application.

On the thinner end of the scale, the packaging will be cheaper and lighter as less materials are used to create the packaging. As the thickness increases, so does the cost commensurate with materials used and a decrease in flexibility will be seen. Clarity can also be compromised depending on the resin used.

Peace of Mind

Budget and environmental factors need to be considered, however when deciding on the correct thickness it is important to consider suitability for the purpose and product being packaged. Meridian Plastics understand you take pride and care in ensuring your product meets a particular standard, so we will guide you on the most suitable packaging for your needs to give you peace of mind that your product will have adequate and appropriate protection.

Getting it "Just Right"

For example, if the packaging is too thin it could leach, tear or puncture easily and perhaps result in a leak or damage to your product. Using a gauge that is too thick is more expensive and will result in your product not being displayed to its full potential. The team at Meridian Plastics will consider several important factors when recommending which gauge is best suited to your product and advise accordingly.

Our experts will happily assist you through the process and the best choice gauge for your requirements, but here are a few examples to show the different gauges required across industries and product types:

30 um – for general light weight items like fruit and vegetables 

50 um – an average shopping bag 

60 um – shrink plastics to cover bulk drink packaging 

75 um – protection for manufactured steel parts 

100 um – timber logs shrink wrapped for protection during transport 

150 um – mining industry products like dirt and rocks 

200 um – gravel and other heavy and sharp-edged products requiring thicker gauge plastic

Trust the Experts

Experience and knowledge are key to choosing the right gauge for each client. Meridian Plastics prides itself in having the right technical expertise to guide you through the best and most appropriate packaging choices for your product.